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Privacy Policy

We really care about your privacy, Thus why we are here to tell you what we do with your information or data. Reimagine News has been developed by Reimagine Labs Media Pvt. Ltd.

What personal information does Reimagine News App collect?

First, We believe in privacy. We are not really interested in what you are do or do not do with our application. Your information is fully private and we have no interest on that. However, we do collect information analytics to improve user experience, those are anonymous data and not private.


Requested permissionWhy this required?
InternetThis permission for load data from web, so we need internet accessing permission.
Access network stateWe use ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permission for check network connectivity.
Read Phone StateThis permission has been invoked to implement native calling from app

Device and app history

We do not access any device data or app history. As we are not storing those data and/or app data will be lost if you uninstall the app and reinstall in a new/same device.

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